We are a full service shop that you can depend on for all of your repairs and can also supply you with parts to do your own repairs.


We offer affordable storage for snow birds.  Keeping your cart safe and maintained while you are away.  Call for more information.

electro batteries

We are proud to offer quality Electro batteries at a great price of $550.00 with a 1 year warranty.  That includes all taxes and disposal fees with your old ones to exchange or 600.00 installed.  8 volts are $595.00 carry out or $645.00 installed and have an 18 month warranty.  All of our customers love the quality and price. 

We also offer Trojan batteries with an 18 month warranty.  6 volts are $720.00 carryout and $770.00 installed.  8 volts are $780.00 carry out and $830.00 installed.

We offer free pick up & delivery to several nearby communities.  Call for more details.


If you are looking to sell your golf cart we are always looking for carts that need new homes and

we also do consignments.


If you are considering buying a new cart because you are tired of your current one you may want to considered coming down and talking to us about a golf cart make over.  For way less than the cost of replacing your cart you can give it a new look and be proud to own it again.  Please check out our photo page for some samples of our custom work, then stop by to see what we can do for yours.  Restores can normally be done anywhere from $1000- $2000 depending on your choices.  We are now offering custom DoubleTake Golf Cart bodies and Accessories.  Check them out at then give us a call for pricing.